Software for Windows

Lambda Centauri creates software utilities for Windows including text editors, image editors, calculators, and creative utilities.

ANSI Screen Editor

ANSI Screen Editor screenshot

ANSI Screen Editor is a free application for editing ANSI and ASCII art.

Lambda Calc

Lambda Calc screenshot

A free basic calculator program for Windows with history support.

Lambda Dice

Lambda Dice screenshot

Lambda Dice lets you simulate dice rolls and generate random numbers with any range.

Lambda Telnet

Lambda Telnet screenshot

A telnet (terminal) client program for Windows.

Lambda Text Editor

Lambda Text Editor screenshot

Lambda Text Editor is a free Windows text editor.

Lambda Trigram Generator

Lambda Trigram Generator screenshot

Generates new similar words derived from set of input words.


PixelSwapper screenshot

PixelSwapper, a free and easy to use image manipulation tool that supports PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, ICO, and many other file formats.

Quick Tile Viewer

Quick Tile Viewer screenshot

A free program that lets you easily visualize how an image will look when tiled.

Random Name Generator

Random Name Generator screenshot

A Windows software utility for generating names randomly.

Scleroglossa Browser

Scleroglossa Browser screenshot

A simple web browser based on the Gecko engine.

The ThreeTeeth Browser

The ThreeTeeth Browser screenshot

A simple web browser based on the Microsoft Trident engine.


TikBew screenshot

A simple web browser based on the WebKit engine.

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