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Lambda Calc Version 1.02

Lambda Calc Screenshot

Lambda Calc is a free basic calculator for Windows. It supports standard math operations and keeps a history of 8 numbers so you can easily recall them and use them for more calculations.

It requires version 4.5 or newer of the .NET Framework. If you need that, you can get it from Microsoft

For advanced users: If you have a calculator button on your keyboard, you can change it to launch Lambda Calc by changing the registry entry for

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lambda Centauri\Lambda Calc\LambdaCalc.exe
Only edit your computer's registry if you know what you are doing.

Changes in Version 1.02:

  • Made buttons slightly larger and button text bolder for easier use.

Changes in Version 1.01:

  • Added keyboard support.
  • Improved decimal point handling.

Lambda Calc is free software and may be distributed freely.

Lambda Calc has had more than 5000 downloads.