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Lambda Telnet Version 3.02

Lambda Telnet Screenshot

This is a simple and compact telnet client for Windows.

It requires version 4.5 or newer of the .NET Framework. If you don't already have that you can get it from Microsoft.

This application is freeware and may be distributed freely.

Changes in Version 3.02:

1. Updated from .NET 2.0 to .NET 4.5.
2. Application is now DPI-aware.

Changes in Version 3.01:

1. Created installer/uninstaller.
2. Minor adjustments to interface.

Changes in Version 3:

1. Default background is now black, but color can be changed under the Options menu.
2. Up and down arrows now let you select previously-sent text to send.
3. Window can now be resized effectively.
4. Better connection error handling.

Changes in Version 2:

1. Added disconnect button.
2. Added menu.
3. Added setting to strip ANSI color codes from received text under Options->Settings.
4. Added save option to save output window text as a Rich Text (.rtf) file.

Lambda Telnet has had more than 67000 downloads.