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The ThreeTeeth Browser Version 1.4

The ThreeTeeth Browser Screenshot

Welcome to the home of ThreeTeeth, a wonderful Windows web browser based on Microsoft's Trident rendering engine.

ThreeTeeth is similar to the Internet Explorer browser that everyone knows and loves, but without all those extra bells and whistles and tabs and menus and security popups and other extraneous things that clutter up your browsing experience. You can only read one webpage at a time anyway, so why waste all that RAM and processor energy loading dozens of tabs?

If you love your tabbed web browser, consider using ThreeTeeth as your secondary browser when you don't want to wait for all of your tabs to load and just want to check something quickly, or have a guest browsing the web on your computer and don't want them to distrupt the active browsing session on your main web browser.

ThreeTeeth scores 312 out of 555 points on on a Windows 10 machine.

ThreeTeeth requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or newer and runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista

The ThreeTeeth Browser was formerly known as the Zeta MiniBrowser.

If you'd prefer a browser based on the WebKit engine, try the TikBew Browser instead.

If you'd prefer a browser based on the Gecko engine, try the Scleroglossa Browser instead.

ThreeTeeth Web Browser Screenshots

Picture of WikiPedia Viewed with the ThreeTeeth Browser

Wikipedia rendered with the threeteeth browser.

Browsing the Web with ThreeTeeth rendered with the ThreeTeeth browser.

Bookmarking a Web Site with the ThreeTeeth Browser

Adding a bookmark to SFFDB, a science fiction and fantasy website.

ThreeTeeth Browser HTML Source View

Viewing the source of a web page with ThreeTeeth.

The 'Add a Bookmark' Dialog from the ThreeTeeth Browser

The 'add a bookmark' dialog prompt.

Navigating to a Bookmark in the ThreeTeeth Browser

Navigating to a website in the bookmark list.

The ThreeTeeth Browser Menu Bar

Image of the ThreeTeeth Browser's navigation toolbar.

ThreeTeeth Web Browser Manual

Main Navigation Toolbar for the ThreeTeeth Browser

Here are what the buttons do:

Left Button The left arrow lets you navigate to the previous web page in your history, if any. If there is not a previous web page it will be grayed out.

Right Button The right arrow lets you navigate to the next web page in your history, if any. If there is not a next web page it will be grayed out.

Stop Button The stop sign lets you stop the current page load, if any. If there is nothing loading it will be grayed out.

Refresh Button The circular arrows let you refresh the currently loaded web page.

Home Button The home icon lets you return to the ThreeTeeth search page.

Open Folder Button The folder icon lets you open an HTML file stored on your computer.

Print Button The print button lets you send a web page to the printer.

Code Button The angle brackets let you view the source HTML for the current web page.

Question Button The question mark icon lets you view the about box for the ThreeTeeth web browser.

Bookmark Button The bookmark button lets you add a page to the list of bookmarks stored by ThreeTeeth.

The URL bar shows you the currently loaded web page's URL. You can type a web address into the URL bar to navigate to a new web page. After you've entered the URL, press enter or click on the arrow to the right of the URL bar to navigate to the page.

Bookmarking and Loading Bookmarks

The Bookmark Add Dialog

When you click the bookmark button, you will be shown the URL and the name of the page. You can edit the page name and URL if you want to have a more descriptive URL title or want to go to a different part of the website. Clicking "OK" adds the bookmark to the bookmark list, while clicking "Cancel" aborts the operation.

Navigate to a Bookmark

To navigate to a bookmark, click the drop down list next to the bookmark button and select an item from the list. The browser will load the web page for that bookmark.

About Web Security

Everyone has different a different opinion and a differet set (or lack) of fears when it comes to web security.

Some people are fearless, boldly traversing categories sites known to be a bit more risky -- torrents, adult content, gambling -- and others are wary of even launching a web browser at all.

Some people are confident that if anything bad does happen to them, such as credit card fraud, that they are covered by laws and cardholder agreements that limit their liability. Others fear losing everything with one misplaced mouse click. The truth is somewhere in between. If a computer is plugged in, it can be hacked, but if you're running a modern up-to-date copy of Windows it probably will not be in any way that is seriously detrimental to your health. It's up to you to take the precautions you feel are appropriate, but a commercial virus scanner is normally enough protection.

How much of what you hear about security is hype or FUD? It's really hard to tell, just as hard as being able to tell whether a financial pundit knows something you don't, or is nothing but a windy bag of swagger and boast or whether a politician will actually do what they say they're going to do once elected.

You should know that maximum security is not one of the goals of the ThreeTeeth project.

If you're worried about the bad things that can happen to you on the internet, you should try the Authentic8 secure web browsing service. It really can't be beat for insulating you from all of the nasty malware that is out to get you and their disposable browser is far more secure than any regular web browser.

ThreeTeeth Web Browser Changelog

Changes in Version 1.4 (2021-01-27)

  • The browser is now DPI-aware, so it will look better if you have your monitor set to a 125% or 150% zoom level.
  • If you don't put "http://" in front of a URL when you type it in, it will default to loading the https (secure) version of a website.

Changes in Version 1.32 (2020-12-25)

Changes in Version 1.31 (2015-09-19)

  • Changed start page to reflect ThreeTeeth moving to

Changes in Version 1.3 (2013-01-09)

  • Added support for adding and navigating to bookmarks.
  • Some user interface improvements related to window resizing.

Changes in Version 1.2 (2012-06-27)

  • Added the ability to open an HTML file using the command line.
  • Some minor cosmetic improvements.
  • More improvements to code formatting in the source view.
  • Improved the order in which controls are selected via the tab key.

Changes in Version 1.1 (2011-06-18)

  • Added a button to open a file from disk.
  • Improved code formatting in the source view.

Changes in Version 1.0 (2011-05-17)

Note: Before version 1.0, ThreeTeeth was known as the Zeta MiniBrowser.

  • The current web page title now shows up in the title bar.
  • Script errors no longer show annoying pop-up messages.
  • Buttons have been changed from big clunky text to icons.
  • The URL bar now updates with navigation.
  • The browser now loads a search page to start with.
  • There is now a home button that will take you back to the search page.

The ThreeTeeth Browser has had more than 45000 downloads.